chrome & perspex large table lamp


a large funky chrome and perspex table lamp with large glass dome and two perspex rings with chrome base. £325

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teak and opaque glass Danish ceiling light


A teak and opaque glass danish ceiling light. the light has 3 conical shaped shade holders all made from solid teak this are manoeuvrable and can be placed to highlight items in a room. the light has brass fittings and is in very good condition. height 65 cm width 55 cm £265

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pie de salon floor light santa & cole

20130731_172932 (1024x768)

A distillation of traditional floor lamps. The adjustable leather-covered brass shaft opens out into a base with three points of support. Shades are available in a number of different shapes and materials. G1 Shade – Top Diameter 36cm, Bottom Diameter 45cm, Height 32cm used but in very good condition there is a slight mark to […]

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coloured glass ceiling light

DSCF2229 (1024x683)

a 1950s italian coloured glass ceiling light with brass fittings. there are three glass discs on each side the first is a complete circle with a oval shape to the middle.the back two glasses are darker in colour glass hoops.all held together by there original brass fittings.similar in some ways to a fontana art design. […]

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two tier crystal glass chandelier

012 (1024x683)

a stunning two tier French crystal glass chandelier.with square pieces of patterned glass and chrome fittings .there is one central bulb for the lower tier and six bulbs for the upper tier with a chrome back plate to reflect the light downwards.the condition is fantastic and the light has been fully rewired h 80 cm […]

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lupela desk light Spain metallic green


a rare and lovely lupela desk light from spain.quite a rare light and similar in style to the fase has two bulbs and this light swivels on its base and the head rotates fully its in excellent original condition with only some very slight marks.all the original fittings and the glass shade are in […]

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lupela desk lamp spain


a rare and lovely lupela desk light from spain.quite a rare light and similar in style to the fase lamps.this light swivels on its base and the head rotates fully its in excellent original condition with only some very slight marks.all the original fittings and the glass shade are in order.the light has also been […]

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italian 70s wall or ceiling light


a very funky 1970s italian wall or ceiling light in chrome and brass with clear glass shades with orange swirls four lights in total.this light has been fully rewired.the bulbs are fully enclosed by the glass shades so suitable for use in a bathroom and kitchen. w 40cm h 40cm d 21cm £235

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vellum table light


a 1960s vellum skin table light with crimped metal frame and wood base all fully working and in very good original condition.h 44cm w 26cm £95

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space age ceiling light


a futuristic space age design ceiling light with central red ball set in a lattice chrome ball frame.with 25 silver bulb holders,this light takes the small screw in bulbs.the diameter of the light is 55cm £220

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pear drop ceiling light


a 1960s belgian ceiling light with nickell and black metal ceiling cap and pear shaped thick patterned glass shades fully rewired h 100cm w 45cm £185

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funky 3 coloured glass ceiling light


a french 1950d chrome ceiling light with 3 chrome and coloured glass shades with clear patterned glass unner sleeve fully rewired.h 80cm w 50cm £275

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french 3 globe ceiling light


a 1960s french chromeceiling light.with 3 shaped glass ball white and blue,with chrome chain and chrome ceiling cap.fully rewired. h 80cm w 40cm £235

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large italian arc light


a large italian arc light with round metal base and chromed pole and metal shade.with plastic and chrome fittings.height adjustable and swivel.h 250cm d 150cm £435

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large chrome & opaque light


a large 1970s italian chrome and opaque and orange glass ceiling light.h 105 cm w 45cm £285

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panton style table light


a large 1960s table light with white glass base and tall original panton style shade.there are two bulbs one in the glass base and one behind the shade.h 140cm w 45cm £260

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chrome flowers chandelier


a 1970s italian chrome two tier chandelier with perforated shield backs and chrome flowers 6 bulbs in total and good condition. h 80cm w 45cm £285

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chrome & cut crystal chandelier


a 1960s belgian chrome and cut crystal chandelier with white enammalled rings and 6 bulb holders.and three tiers of different cut crystal h 90cm w 50cm £435

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spanish chrome standard light


a 1970s spanish chrome standard chrome with 4 decorative white and orange glass original shades and square base. h 180cm w 50cm d 50cm £545

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large glass ceiling light


a 1970s large glass ceiling light with white swirls pattern and domed top.and single bulb fitting.w 50cm h 75cm £175

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clear & dark perspex ceiling light


a 1960s clear and dark perspex globe light with white plastic has a chrome handle and 4 chrome light fittings all fully re wired. dia 40cm h 100cm £235

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large brass and glass 70s wall light


a 1970s italian large brass and glass wall light with brass back panel and clear and coulered patterned thick glass front and twin bub holders w 38cm h 38cm d 18cm £145

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industria lampadari lamier


a chrome and white metal up or down floor light with adjustable head by industria lampardi lamier milano italy £ 235

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blue floor light


a large 60s french floor light with steel funnel base and chrome top and blue plastic shade.the arm swivels and can the height can be adjusted by pressing the blie perspex handle h 175cm £195

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wood & wicker floor light


a 1950s german large wood & wicker floor light with teak wood base and brass ring with brass arm that hold the original wicker and cloth shade. two bulbs top and bottom h 1.40cm w 40cm £325

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fase faro desk light


a 1960s spanish adjustable desk/side light by the fase company metallic grey/silver body and shade with chrome fittings £175

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strand tv theatre light


a 1950s strand tv theatre light stripped and polished brushed steel fully rewired with adjustable lens and filter fittings these lights can be hung or placed on a stand or tripod £435

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large steel & brass table light


a 1970s german steel and brass table lamp with large white plastic dome shade with two clear stripes.three bulb holders and on/off chain h 70 cm w 50 cm £180

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chrome 3 ball table light


a chrome side/table light with central pole and 3 chrome shades hanging from chrome arms and white interior spanish 1960s £215

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large steel desk light


a brushed steel and black metal desk light with adjustable shade and arm 60s £185

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50s standard adjustable light


a belgian 1950s standard light with black metal frame with small yellow tile top and glass/ plant holders and flag halyard rope to the base. the three lights are adjustable and come with original shades £275

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wicker table lights


a funky 1960s pair of wicker side lights good original condition takes small screw in bulbs £130 pair

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furse theatre light


1950s furse theatre light stripped and polished brushed steel fully rewired.a very versatile light can be placed on a table or mounted to a tripod or hung from the ceiling. £435

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chrome & white glass light


a 60s belgian chrome and white glass table light.with conical dome shaped top and hooped bottom. both sections have bulbs h 55 w 25 £225

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perspex ceiling light


unky perspex plastic and chrome light with 4 large chrome shafts and a chrome pole which all have light fiitings incased by a clear perspex dome with chrome fittings and white plastic top french 60s h 60 w 40 £325

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german glass ceiling light


a german 60s clear spun glass ceiling light with brown glass insert and chrome fittings suspended on steel wire h 82 cm w 56 cm £235 height can be adjusted

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blue & white perspex light


a 1970s spanish blue and white perspex ceiling light with blue dome top and twin bulbs £165

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chrome & ebonised wood light


a 1930s chrome an ebonised wood ceiling light with two bulbs french h 50 w 50 £195

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chrome 5 arm ceiling light


a french 60s 5 arm chrome ceiling light with orange tipped and milky glass shades w 50 h 60 £235

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white glass ceiling light


chrome and white glass ceiling light with chrome plate on top and white glass body which has chrome poles with chrome balls to the inside and 4 bulbs also belgium 60s h 1.05 w 50 £245

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large chrome floor light


a large italian floor light with single bulb fitting and adjustable rubber end.with large chrome arm and weighted black metal base £785

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fase desk light


a chrome and black plastic fase spain desk light with chrome arm and adjustable shade with steel refractor 1960s spain h 50 d 68 w 25 £165

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pop art wall light


a 1960s wall or ceiling light stamped and signed by the artist 60s italy chrome perspex and ebonised wood three lights 70cm square £185

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pair metal & chrome lights


a 1960s spanish pair of metal table lights chrome fittings and screw in bulb h 62 w 33 £165 pair

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bronzed art wall light


a bronzed wall light with a rectangular backplate and cast bronzed metal front signed by the artist w 60cm h 40cm d 8cm p.o.a

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guzzini pivoting floor light


a early 1960s floor standing guzzini pivoting light with marble base and square chrome rods that swivel and pivot with a black enamalled shade italy h 170 d 110 £365

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large chrome floor light


a large chrome floor light with glass shades and five bulbs with on/off switch.and option to light one bulb or all five some chrome missing to the lower ball approx 5ft high 70s spain £235

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1960s anglepoise light


a 60s desk/table light by anglespoise england with metal base and arm and plastic shade with switch to the top maximum height 66cm maximum depth 73cm £165

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spanish chrome lamp base


a 1970s spanish chromed lamp base. with wide pedestal base with single bulb and off/on chain h50cm w 33cm £75

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guzzini chrome & black table light


guzzini table light chrome pedestal and black metal shade with white interior takes 3 bulbs 70s italy h 55cm w 45cm £155

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chrome with clear & blue glass light


a spanish 1970s chrome ceiling light with clear and blue patterned glass h55cm w 38cm £165

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brass & metal desk light


a quality large brass and black metal adjustable desk light with painted wood fittings.the arm pivots on the wood and is counterbalanced by the weight of the handle. £385

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large brass table light


a 1970s large brass pedestal table light with 3 bulbs and white dome palstic shade d45 cm h 70 cm £185

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tolomeo task light


The iconic Tolomeo by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina has become a lighting legend produced by artemede italy. we have 3 standard task lights in stock £135

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vibia desk light


large luxury brushed stainless steel desk light with swivel head by vibia of spain £345

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murano swirl light


large murano glass light with bands of glitter that swirl around the body and single bulb fitting 70s italy w40 h 40 £180

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fase boomerang light


a 1950s fase boomerang lamp in original metalic finish the shade is adjustable and the arm swivels 360 degrees on the metal base.there are two bulb holders . madrid spain 60s h 43 w 31 d 57 £365

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marble table light


french 60s brown plastic an art glass sphere similar to a marble table light h 50 w40 £135

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edouard wilfred buquet eb 28


a re issue of a adjustable task light by the french designer edouard -wilfred buquet c 1927 the arm is adjustable from the base the middle and the shade is fully adjustable.£195

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strand theatre light

a strand lighting company bullet theatre light from the 1950s stripped and polished can be hung or placed on tripod stand re wired £435

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chrome mottled glass ceiling light

a spanish70s  chrome and mottled glass ceiling light h 70cm w 40cm £185

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acrylic table light

a small 60s acrylic table light with single bulb fitting requires shade £50

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chrome dome

a small chome dome ceiling light with white enamalled interior and single bulb 70s spain £55

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